Back in the cave, the caveman would decorate the cave walls with oxide pigments to brighten up the place… our history doesn’t go back quite that far.

Amos’s history starts after finishing school: “My grandfather offered me some work experience in his painting and decorating business. After a 6 week trial he offered me a painting apprenticeship which I gladly took up. He was a tough boss who believed in a strong work ethic, building customer relationships and doing things the right way, not the easy way. Tough but fair. There could have been no other person more knowledgable than him after spending his whole life in the painting trade. I am very lucky and gratefull for him to pass all his experience and knowledge onto me. Thanks Pop.”

After finishing my apprenticeship and receiving the top honours awarded by the Master Painters and Decorators Association and ‘Apprentice of the State’ (Adelaide 1993), I decided to travel and work around Australia, broadening my painting experience. After settling in Brisbane and meeting my beautiful wife, We decided Currumbin on the gold coast was where we wanted to live and start a family to the present day.

We all at some time or another have tried painting a room or a wall. It can usually start ok with choosing a colour and rolling on some paint. Only to realise, you wish you had washed the walls with sugar soap so the paint would stick properly, you forgot to sand the surface and the filling and repairing of any gaps and cracks hasn’t been done. And then paint from the roller tray, you’re standing in has now been transferred to the carpet.

Most people can slap on a coat of paint but leaving it to the experts can end up saving you time and money and give you the professional finish you want.